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May 9, 2022

Why I'm Interested in Demonology  

I've been studying demonology ever since I came back to the Catholic Church in early 2020.  I explained why I was interested in demonology on my new FAQ page, but I wanted to share the info here too.

I became interested in demonology because:

  1. I had direct personal experience with the demonic when I was involved in the occult and I was still confused about some of the things that had happened to me.  
  2. I was experiencing a lot of spiritual warfare (and actually still do) because of the many doors I had opened and needed to learn more about how to deal with it.  
  3. I love to read and take notes and learn new things.  One of the best feelings I know is the one  you get when things that didn't make sense before finally start to fall into place.

Why I Almost Didn't Blog on Demonology

When I first started this blog, I was reluctant to even use the word demonology for a few different reasons.  

I thought people would consider a blog about demonology weird or dark.  

And, the truth is, some do.  They aren't completely wrong either because demons are dark - and very deceptive.  The problem is, pretending they don't exist only make it easier for them to operate.  I still don't like the idea of being judged, however - and that is something that enemy has used against me. 

I was afraid I'd experience an uptick in spiritual warfare.  

This has happened.  A couple days after I made this blog, I was so anxious about how people would react to it that I almost took it down.  At 3 in the morning!  Then I realized how over the top that kind of anxiety was.  I've been writing and speaking publicly on various platforms since 2010 so it's very out of character for me to worry that much about anything I say online.  

This wasn't the only episode of spiritual warfare I had to deal with but it was an instance that was relatively easy to fix.  My anxiety faded quickly as I recited the Rosary in Latin and I fell asleep without dismantling the site.

I was afraid that other Catholics would tell me I had no business writing on demonology.  

I haven't dealt with this directly as of yet, but I do know that many priests and exorcists have reservations about people who become interested in demonology.  And I do understand this concern.  Especially because a lot of people are drawn to dark topics and it can cause problems.

Adam Blai, a psychologist and Church sanctioned lay demonologist deals with this issue in the question and answer section in the back of his very helpful book Possession, Exorcism and Hauntings (affiliate link).

Q: How do I become a demonologist? A: Why would you want to? Many people in the paranormal community, and in the public, seem to think demonology is "cool" or "exciting" or will make them famous. These reasons fade very quickly for those who actually meet a demon. Being a demonologist is a spiritual calling that leads one to live part of their life in nightmare environments of intense physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering that people go through.  People don't choose to be demonologists or exorcists; God makes people demonologists or exorcists.

I don't necessarily disagree with the points made here.  Because Blai is a practicing psychologist and a demonologist, I believe that he does see a LOT of suffering and I commend him for the work that he does.  To me, having an interest in demonology, or even feeling you are an expert (which I don't) and calling yourself a demonologist, is different.  Though it can have its risks.

I was worried that it might be a slippery slope.

This, I think, is the concern most priests have when people develop an interest in demonology or other paranormal topics - which I completely understand.  There are many different ways that the devil can trip us up and I know, from experience, that people who have a fascination with paranormal phenomena are definitely at risk.

But I don't think that ignorance is the answer, either.  Instead, I am convinced that our safety lies in our devotion to our Catholic faith.  Some people  may be able to get by as lukewarm Catholics.  Those of us who have tiptoed through the dark cannot. 

Why I Decided to Blog on this Topic

It's one thing to read about demons, however, and another thing to publicly blog on it.

When I first started talking about my past experience in the occult, I didn't go into any real detail about the demons I had encountered.  But as time passed I began to become more and more aware of the degree of demonic activity in our society as a whole.  And it concerned me.

So I decided that it made sense to talk about my own experience and what I am learning here in this blog in hopes it will be of use.  In upcoming posts, I'll be sharing more about Catholic resources and approaches to demonology and paranormal phenomena.

So please do check back! 

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