White Noise and Paranormal Investigation

May 2, 2022

The movie White Noise was one of several gateways on my path new age and occult deception.  But it wasn't really the movie so much as it was the EVPs that were played at the beginning of the film.  

I was already deep into various Eastern practices like yoga and meditation at this point and very interested in what lay on the "other side."  So the idea of "scientifically proving" the existence of spirits captivated me.  And there was something about the EVPs themselves that spoke to me.  Which shows, I think, that I was already very far from God.

So, not long after the movie came out, I began recording EVPs on my own and in the company of friends.  My favorite spot for EVP recording was cemeteries, though I did visit other locations as well.  In the beginning, I got nothing but static.  But finally in the summer of 2005 I could my first clear EVP.

I was very excited.  Not noticing or caring that the voice I had recorded was low pitched and ominous.

The EVP itself was only a single word and while most people (including myself) thought the word spoken was 'good' others heard it differently.  What was clear was that it was a word and it that it seemed to be spoken in answer to my question.  

It had a quality I would soon recognize in other preternatural communications of slightly overlapping the question posed.

At the time, I believed I'd recorded a human spirit, just as claimed in the movie "White Noise."  And another twelve years would pass before I would fully understand that the spirits I was communicating with were far from benign.

This is not to say that departed humans cannot contact the living.  Only that it is a rare occurrence which happens within very narrow perimeters.  According to Church-decreed expert on religious demonology and auxiliary member of the International Association of Exorcists, Adam Blai:

There are Church approved books describing many instances of souls manifesting to the living to signal their need for prayer... Though souls in purgatory have been allowed to speak to the saints, that is usually not the situation for the average person.... In the cases of the saints they did not call up the spirits or seek guidance, information, or comfort from them.  Once the request for prayer was made communication stopped on both sides...  Any communication beyond “help me,” or some other request for prayer, is almost certainly demonic deception.  - Possessions, Exorcisms and Hauntings

As Blai points out, often the first word paranormal investigators hear in their investigations is 'help me' but sadly they do not help (through prayer).  Instead they continue to request communication with any available spirits.  

What they get are demonic spirits masquerading as deceased human beings - just like the one I recorded.  And the influence of such spirits is eventually and inevitably dark.
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